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University of Alberta Undergraduate Association of Computing Science

About Us

All about UACS

We are the Undergraduate Association of Computing Science. Most of the time you can find us wasting valuable time in our office: CSC-140. Our native mode of communication is email:

The Executives for 2018-2019:


Kieran Downs

VP Finance

Mandy Meindersma

VP Administrations

Victor Mai

VP Social

Andrew Somerville

VP Publicity

Amy Mallon

VP Internal

Jolene Poulin

VP External

Monica Bui

VP Sports

Logan Yue

Senior Rep

Boris Fleysher

Junior Rep

Alex Tang


UACS has weekly executive meetings, and publishes the minutes from these meetings, along with other pertinent documents, on the disclosure page.


We have a small library of programming books available for borrowing as well

UACS History

UACS was formed in 1977 as a general interest computing club. It became a society in 1978 as the University of Alberta Computing Society. Today UACS is the official voice of the computing science undergraduate community. Our constitution can be found here.

With all the fun things that go on within UACS, you might be surprised to know that we also fulfil a more serious role. UACS acts as a liaison for both the Department of Computing Science and the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS). Through these relationships, UACS is able to offer a wealth of services that include:

  • Sponsoring career oriented seminars
  • Holding forums on academic issues
  • Hosting guest speakers from both faculty and industry

Some of the past UACS events have included:

  • Terminal Bash - Take out your assignments on a bunch of old machines with the UACS brand sledgehammer.
  • Car Rally - A mad dash following madder clues for made up points. There's prizes and a party after. Woot!
  • Buck 'O Burger Barbecue - The Vision of the Late Great VP Steve UACS takes a bath so you can eat good.
  • Local Programming Contest - Flex that brain bone to try solve as many problems as you can.


How do you represent me?

We have representatives at the curriculum meetings and department meetings so you have a voice in your education. It also means we get to hear news concerning the Computing Science department as it happens so you get accurate fast information about any changes in Computing Science.

But I don't have time to go to a stuffy meeting

You don't have to go to the meetings but we do want to know what you think. Without your input, we can't get what you want done. So drop in to the office and give us an ear full, or email us.

How about helping me learn this stuff?

UACS is chocked full of the brightest minds that UACS can offer. Need help in a course? Check out our tutor listing. Need help studying for a final? Check out our Computing Science exam registry. Need more help? Just stop by, Curtis knows everything.


UACS hosts a boon of events throughout the year for you to come and chill with your Comp Sci brothers and sisters. We also have a bunch of Sports teams that you can join and get away from the monitor glow and into some natural light. We can give you a break with a movie during our famous UACS Movie Nights that maybe returning to a theatre near you. And there's also the monthly DCS. Really there are too many events to list check the website and watch for our posters and emails. It's Not SPAM.

DCS? Drunken Child Seminars?

Not quite. Donut and coffee sessions are monthly talks that feature interesting topics and free donuts and coffee. Read the weekly update for details!

I heard that UACS has a ki{tty,d}.

Kitty? Sadly, no. Kid? Why, yes!