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Grad Info

Thinking about graduating?

Look no further, we're here to help point you in the right direction. You'll want to apply for Convocation through Beartracks before the start of February. Usually in early February, grad photos start so make sure to grab yours to help remember all those great times here where you were up till the next day trying to figure out why your block of code wasn't working and then it magically fixed itself later that day. Around March, UACS begins selling tickets for the Grad Banquet that we organize (plus usually a NERF gun fight afterwards!).

Grad photos usually run till sometime in April. If you ever decided to come back and want to see your photo on the composite (or to send photos to your mom), you will need a photo. This will set you back about twenty bucks but you're usually able to take some props in with you, so if you want to hold your keyboard with you in your photo, be our guest.

Grad Banquet usually happens at the end of April or early May and has a bunch of us get together, have a meal and have some speakers during the meal. We're usually looking for students to show off their awesomeness (plus deliver some byte-sized humor) and help out by taking on some key roles. Specifially, Master of Ceremonies (1 or 2 people), Toast to the Parents and Toast to the Professors.

If you have any questions, suggestions, confessions, queries, confusions or thoughts, please email