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In the mood for some food? Do you think you need a drink? Need to rhyme all the time? Good news (except maybe for the rhyming bit); UACS will sell you said items! Not only that, we'll do it at prices that are so crazy, even Steve Ballmer can't believe them!


Awesome Item Insane Price
Canned Sodas $0.75
Red Ra[in|ve] $1.00
Bottled Water $0.50
Bottled Sodas $1.25
Gatorade $1.00
Starbucks Double Shot $2.25
Starbucks Frappucinos $1.75
Arizona $1.00
Milk 2 Go $1.75
Bottled Juice $0.70
Monster Energy Drink $2.00


Awesome Item Insane Price
Frozen Dinners $1.25
Noodle Bowls $0.75
Granola Bars $0.50
Candy Bars $0.75
Chips $0.50
Gum $1.00
Pizza Pops (x2) $1.50
Mini Pizzas (x2) $1.50
Frozen Burritos $0.50
Frozen Waffles (w/ syrup!) $0.50


Awesome Item Insane Price
Beef Jerky $1.25
Mac Toffee $1.00
Cheezies $1.00
CLIF Bars $1.00
Protein Bars $1.00
Pop Tarts $0.75
Corn Nuts $0.75
Chips/Pretzels $0.50
Ice Cream $0.50
All Bran Bars $0.50
Pastries $0.50
Popcorn $0.50
Ritz Sandwiches $0.50
Nutrigrain Bars $0.50