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University of Alberta Undergraduate Association of Computing Science


Welcome to the UACS sports page!

UACS oversees many aspects of the undergraduates of Computing Science, one of which is organizing intramural sports teams on behalf of the students. As the representative of the Computing Science undergraduates on the intramural council, our VP Sports will gather members for teams as well as ideally secure funding for reimbursements to participating students. If you are interested in participating in an intramural sport or have any questions regarding the aforementioned topic, please feel free to contact Sign up for teams typically occurs at the beginning of each semester (August/September and December/January) and we would love to continue to see interest and participation from our undergraduates.

Additional Information:

  • Each intramural team requires a team captain who is a member of the cs department
  • Don’t worry if we don’t have enough people to make a team, our VP Sports can reserve free agents on IMLeagues to fill out rosters as necessary
  • To see available intramural events follow this link: University of Alberta Intramural Sports Page